Sean Conlon Artist

Seán is a self taught artist. A native of County Kildare, Seán was educated and grew up in Newbridge. Although a talented artist from a very young age, it wasn’t until 1983 that he took his painting more seriously and began to exhibit regularly in group and solo exhibitions. Selling most of his paintings and being commissioned to paint various local scenes, many of which were sent to relatives in the USA and the UK.

Seán travelled to France in 1985 and 1986 where he painted in Collioure, a famous artists colony in the south of France, There he worked with many different artists from all over Europe and America. Although only 23 years old he received much praise and admiration for the quality and detail of his work from the public and many of his peers.

Since returning from France Seán has continued to exhibit in various group exhibitions, but due to work and family commitments he mainly paints commissioned works, usually local scenes of churches or castles. Seán has sold many paintings over the years, some of which were sent to many countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, The UK and Europe and of course Ireland. He has recently worked with the Kildare author Anita Hendy where he was commissioned to illustrate a series of children’s books.

Seán is currently living and working in Portarlington in County Offaly where he has a small studio. He is presently working on commissioned works and building a collection of paintings for future exhibition.