Peter Green

Peter Green uses his art to capture the moment, the energy of the now. Powerful seascapes and landscapes exposed to  magical and transforming light, bringing  a sense of being and spirituality to the observer. He attempts to interpret and represent these inspirational scenes through his paintings.

Peter Green uses different techniques to capture the ambience of the place.

Watercolours, acrylics, mixed-media. Most recently Peter has embraced the “textured art” process which uses natural materials such as,  beach sand, crystals, Kerry Gems and shells, mixed in acrylics to give a sculpted, tangible, tactile sense of the place.

On a blank canvas, beach sand is mixed in acrylic and sculpted. By changing consistencies the process gives changing affects. The image in mind, sketches drawn, the paint and beach material ready. The preferred day with an energetic light, the first spontaneous sculpting of the textured material. Sweeping motions for the ocean and skies. Heavily layered, high density applications for rocks and headlands. Always better to paint in “Genius Loci” to capture the spirit of the place, to produce visual poems engendered by the experience of being and working in a particular place at a particular time. The many sculpting, painting, and drying processes of the technique, allow the painter to produce works that are exciting, have strong compositional form and are visually powerful.


Peter Green was born, bred, and inspired by the dramatic beauty of North Wales. It was here that the seeds of this lifetime love affair with all things Celtic began. Having spent many years visiting and now living on the west coast of Ireland, this passion for the Celtic World continues. Living in these magical, spiritual places all steeped in Celtic tradition, myth and legend. Surrounded by the majestic Atlantic ocean, this environment nurtures, stimulates and inspires Peter Greens’ artistic creations.

Many artistic techniques are used. Sweeping, spontaneous, watercolors capture this ancient weathered land bathed in ever changing light from the western horizon.

Peter Green is also an avid Surfer having spent many years chasing giant Atlantic swells powering into the west coast of Ireland. Ocean kayaking has taken him to the shimmering Islands off the west coast. Salt water is infused in the veins, and with this love of the ocean the artistic senses are incessantly stimulated and inspired.

Another technique uses thick layers of pure colour, acrylic and oil, to capture the power and intensity of oceanic sunsets, and the drama and movement of the Atlantic Ocean.

The sheer love and passion for the elemental storm-bound lands, where precipitous mountains, cliffs and sweeping bays meet raging seas, is distilled in Peter Greens’ work.

Peter Green uses many mixed media techniques to capture these beautiful places. Textured art, watercolors, pastels, pen and ink and line drawings, are all used to interpret and represent the place, the character and the spirit of the natural surroundings.

The spontaneous nature of many of Peter Greens’ paintings often lead to passionate, abstract works endeavouring to capture the universal spirit, energy and movement of powerful, natural, timeless places where the elemental forces of oceans, land and weather collide.