JJ Sheehy

JJ Sheehy, Kerry artist graduated from Limerick College of Art & Design in 1986. JJ Sheehy has his own design & gallery business in Tralee, Co.Kerry. For a number of years he has also lectured in Design through Computing with the I.T.T. A native son of the spectacular county of Kerry JJ Sheehy has remained close to his roots. The essence of his work is influenced by the natural beauty and the people of his own place. With his rural upbringing in Lyreacrompane, in a time when man, land & animal co-existed in harmony JJ Sheehy delights in the portrayal of life in the countryside. Vibrant colours express the joys of a simple life that valued hard work & time spent in the company of friends & family.

A sense of nostalgia too is captured by JJ Sheehy in his studies of abandoned places portrayed in bleak conditions. Famous Kerry writers feature strongly in JJ’s collection. Proud of the international renown in which these authors are held & honoured to have known some of them personally, JJ’s love of portraiture comes to the fore in his treatment of his subjects. Generous layers & applications combine to form images full of character representing these great writers in a powerful yet subtle way. An appropriate portrayal of men who reached the heights of fame yet remained at one with their own roots.

1998: JJ Sheehy was awarded the commission of producing the bronze bust of “Dan Paddy Andy O’Sullivan” situated in Lyreacrompane beside Roche’s “Four Elms Bar”. Dan was the Irish matchmaker written about extensively by John B. Keane.

2000: JJ Sheehy designed and produced the Tralee Millennium Sculpture titled “Release the Dove” which is on site by Tralee U.D.C. (Castlemaine road), Tralee.

JJ’s paintings have featured in many exhibitions over the years. His paintings have are mainly in collections in Ireland and the U.S. There is a constant exhibition of his work in his gallery in Tralee, Co.Kerry.