Dermot McCarthy Artist

Pauline Bewick, one of Ireland’s major artists,

….in the 1970’s I met Dermot when he worked as a welder in Liebherr, Killarney. He brought alone his work which has the same quality to this day of dreamlike minglins, fairy tale stories, countless stories in one single painting. No doubt, one could live with a Dermot McCarthy and go on finding meanings and stories for the rest of one’s life. I feel all brilliant artists have in common an unconscious flow on to the paper of sculpture, something they hardly understand themselves, and because of this unfaultered flow, we
the audience identify again in an unconsious manner, Dermot’s work feeding this part of us.

Noel Sheridan, Former Director of the National College of Art & Design, Dublin.

….the world Dermot McCarthy brings us into seems settled in every strange detail yet arriving there is a much a surprise to the artist as it is to the viewer. The artist describes his method of working “I don’t have any preconceived idea of where i’m going to but I sense when i’ve made a wrong turning…which means erasing lots of lines…the pencil is like a metaphor for ‘the white walking stick’ as used by the visually impaired..I blunder my way along but with the belief that everything will work out fine in the end.” This is a good description of how many artists work but what is extraordinary is where Dermot McCarthy arrives. His landscapes are clearly hard to believe yet they are revealed with such precision and conviction that one is convinced they have existed – or that they might. This is illusion, but then so is all art. What is interesting aboout Dermot McCarthy’s work is his willingness to enter the unknown land of the mind wich, notwithstanding the surrealist look, is very radical form of art making. (It is in fact what Surrealism aimed for before it got onto the L.P covers.)