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Product Information

For the past few months Modern Art Ireland has been working hard to achieve a strong position in the search engines and now lies on page 1 of google and bing, search “modern art Ireland” and see for yourselves. The main difficulty with any new website is trying to get a healthy search engine position after launch. This is a long and tedious task which we have undertaken over the summer months. In the long term it will benefit our members. In our maiden voyage we have already sold a collection of work for 3 of our artists and we will continue to constantly being active for our members.

In our opinion the days of the high street galleries selling your work are dwindling. A walk around any of the main tourist centers in the South West will tell you this. Artists need outlets for their work and sadly we are facing a crisis. Modern Art Ireland sees the evolution or art sales is through online sales and events, regularly publications and the used of Internet Marketing.